97. Strategies for Deficits in Executive Functioning

podcast Jul 28, 2022

For most of us, we take executive functioning skills for granted.  It is something that just came naturally, but for our children, it is not that way. They need to be taught these skills through repetition and practice and you must be patient and understanding of their struggles.  

Not all autistic individuals have deficits in executive functioning skills and some may have deficits in only one or two areas.  

Executive functioning skills are the mental skills that we use to navigate our everyday lives.  These abilities help us pay attention, stay on task, understand other people's perspectives, make decisions and organize and prioritize what needs to be done.  

Planning is the ability to forward think and sequence things to have a start and end.  Many individuals on the spectrum have difficulty formulating a plan to organize those tasks.  

In this episode, I give you strategies that you can begin to use to help your child build this skill-set.  

The earlier you begin to work on these things, the easier it will be for them as they continue to grow and develop and the reward for their self-esteem and ultimately their independence will be well worth your time and patience.  

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