Professional  Collaboration

Compassion Health & Wellness 

Michelle Boone, DNP, APRN

(Autism Evaluations)

Developmental Pediatrics of

Central Florida

Dr. Sandra Cely, MD, FAAP

(Autism Evaluations)

AdventHealth Medical Group

Developmental Pediatrics

Dr. Emily Forrest, MD

(Autism Evaluations)

Nick Wallace ChSNC® RICP® 

Special Needs Financial Planning

Backpack Sciences

Membership for Teaching Science

Jackie Grundberg

JJB Educational Consulting

Jill Burstein

College Placement Services for Students with Learning Differences

Autism Fitness

Eric Chessen

Leading Certification for Autism

and Neuroadaptive Fitness


Temple Grandin, Ph.D.       

Autism Advocate

ET Music Therapy 

Individuals with Diverse Needs

CSX Corporation


Communication for Non-Speakers

My Best Social Life

Jeremy Hamburgh 

Autism and Neurodiverse

Friendship and Dating Program

Hyer Learning & Diagnostics

Erin Hyer, Speech Pathologist

Interventions to Learning

Dr. Leslie Gavin-Devitt
PhD Nemours Children's Health

Autism Dietitian 

Brittyn Coleman

Autism and Nutrition Resources

 Empower AAC 

Speech and Language Therapy

Naturally Recovering Autism 

Karen Thomas C.S.T, C.M.T

Dr. Kimberly A. Lemke

Certified Sleep Science Coach

Maja Matarić


Socially Assistive Robots

Pooch Parenting

Michelle Stern

On-line Support for Families with Kids & Dogs

Gourmet Done Skinny

Amy Lawrence

Delicious Gourmet Healthy

Recipes for Life

Chris & Parisa Shelton

The QiClub 

Gain Balance in All Aspects

of Your Health & Well-Being

Crane Rehab Center Pediatrics

Rebecca Connick

Getting Organized  with Heather