40. The Impact of Mind Blindness

podcast Jun 10, 2021

For most people, context is just a known thing. I mean it's like it is just inherent for us to know that everything is relative and depends on the context, situation, or setting which determines how we act or react or what we say or don’t say, right?

Well, imagine, if you are only able to take in one piece of information at a time. This is a daily struggle for people with autism. There are so many different pieces of information to take in and respond to and put into context.

Context refers to the circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place. Context directs our perception and ultimately influences and directs our actions and/or responses.

Autistic brains tend to think in an absolute way and it also seems that they have challenges viewing a situation from different perspectives.

We spend a lot of time teaching them social rules but what happens is that they have difficulty adapting these rules to different situations and making exceptions to the rules even when appropriate.

The more you model to them how you act or react or how you speak to people you know or don’t know and how you show up in different areas of life, the more they will gain an understanding and importance of this.