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Shannon Urquiola

Founder of Not Your Average Autism Mom

Shannon shares her lived experiences in hopes of creating a more accepting and inclusive world for our children on the spectrum.  She presents to organizations and businesses both in person and virtually. She is the founder of the non-profit organization, Not Your Average Autism Mom.

She is the proud mom of two children, now young adults. Her son Jordan is 27 and her daughter Madison is 25 years old.  Jordan was diagnosed with autism when he was 5-years old. She is his primary caregiver and guardian. He attends a Day Program in their town for adults with different abilities.

After graduating college as a student-athlete playing collegiate softball, her daughter Maddie began her career in the world of College Athletics, at her alma mater, Young Harris College. 

Shannon is a Master Certified Life and Parent Coach working exclusively with moms raising autistic children.  She provides families and educators with resources and information via her Weekly Podcast, Let’s TALK AUTISM Monthly Newsletter, their Signature FREE COURSE, Unburdened; Finding Balance Living Alongside Autism, and a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP exclusively for female caregivers.

There are many therapies and services available for children on the spectrum but having traveled this parenting journey for over two decades, Shannon continues to see the need to support their caregivers along the way.  

"I am not a therapist,  I am a Coach and Mentor and those two things are very different.  As a coach, I am trained to help parents see what they can't see.  I help caregivers break through perceived obstacles and limitations to live a happy and fulfilling life in the midst of uncharted territory." 

Prior to starting Not Your Average Autism Mom, she spent over a decade building a Special Education Advocacy company helping families navigate the needs of their children in special education.

She has over three decades of public speaking experience and today she presents to organizations and businesses who want to educate their employees, families, and communities about autism.

Her presentations speak to families who are brand new to the world of autism as well as ones who are well on their way.  She shares in-depth knowledge as well as negates the many misconceptions about autism.  She has been through the process of guardianship in both the States of Florida and Georgia.  She is a forever parent who provides hope and inspiration to what is possible as she continues to navigate this parenting journey day in and day out.  

We believe if you are willing to expose yourself and your family to the world with kindness and honesty that compassion and understanding will follow.  

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