92. Slow Processing Impacts Everyday Life

podcast Jun 23, 2022

Processing speed is the amount of time that we take to take in the information being presented to us, make sense of it, and respond to it.

This can be visually when we are reading something, auditory when we are listening to something or someone is telling us something, or motor planning which basically means that even when a child has done a task before, every time it is like they are doing it for the first time because their brain isn’t giving them the feedback they need. They might seem clumsy, it might take them what seems like forever to learn to tie their shoes and many physical tasks are just simply harder for them.

The speed of how someone processes information is not related to their IQ or intelligence, it is simply that some individuals take longer to process the information they are taking in than others do. Many very intelligent people process information slowly.

Unfortunately, slow processing can impact so many areas of their lives where they might already have challenges, like social settings and their educational setting.

The problem with their struggles is that many people jump to the conclusion that they are unmotivated, lazy, or not focused. This is important for you to listen for because I promise you, if they are a slow processor, that is likely not the case.

What if for a minute we just allowed them to be them?  Slowing down and having a less rushed approach to life might be exactly what we need.  

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