95. Your Child Refusing to Cooperate

podcast Jul 14, 2022

For some of our kids who might have limited language cooperating is extra challenging because they might not understand the directions of what exactly you want them to do and if you are giving them multi-step directions, this creates more overwhelm for them when you are asking them to do too many things at once.

Many of our children have deficits with executive functioning skills and multi-step directions require them to utilize that skill that they simply just might not have available to them, right?

When our children don’t understand the reason for the request they are resistant. If it doesn’t make sense to them they might not comply. You might find it helpful to explain the reasoning behind the request or even better the outcome after they comply.

Don’t give in just because you get resistance or you will be teaching them that resistance wins every time, right? If they resist, you won’t require them to do it.  When we allow their behaviors to get them out of doing a non-preferred activity or something that you are asking them to do, it teaches them a habit that you absolutely don’t want to teach.

Many of our kiddos also get frustrated when they can’t manage their strong emotions when they are asked to do something they don’t want to do so they act out and resist your request.

Always give them encouragement and high fives or hugs when they are cooperating or doing what you ask.

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