138. Understanding and Addressing Toe Walking

podcast May 25, 2023

Many typically developing children will do some toe walking prior to age three, but for our children on the spectrum who continue to toe walk past the age of three or four, there may be some cause for concern.

Toe walking is fairly common in children on the spectrum. It is a walking pattern in which a child walks primarily on their toes instead of using their entire foot.  One of the most significant impacts is delayed motor development and toe walking limits the engagement of certain muscles that are required for proper walking.

Another important thing to consider is could their vestibular system not be functioning properly. When you understand the potential role of a dysfunctional vestibular system, interventions should focus on providing appropriate stimulation that will support the development of a more typical walking pattern.

Understanding the complex nature of toe walking in autistic children is so important for effective and early intervention. 

It is up to you to observe the signs, seek a professional evaluation, explore appropriate interventions, and actively involve yourself in their interventions. 

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