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96. Our Parenting Journey IS Different

podcast Jul 21, 2022

I believe that for our children to grow and develop we cannot raise them the same as we would raise our neurotypical children because there are differences.  The vast majority of autistic children, even children who are non-verbal are able to understand and comply with basic rules of conduct they just might need more time to adjust and become comfortable with what is and what isn’t allowed.

Think about this… your child or children experience the same world we do but in an extraordinary way.

The more that you are willing to expose your children to the world it will help them become aware and accustomed to the world around them. While I know that sometimes it feels easier to stay home, especially if their behavior is unpredictable, that isolation is not healthy for them or for you.

You will try many different approaches when it comes to parenting as your child continues to grow and change along the way and it is important that you don’t get discouraged when something doesn’t work.

This autism parenting journey can feel lonely, and friendships can be difficult when others don’t understand your journey. Find support from those who understand. That is what our SISTERHOOD is all about.  

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