119. Sibling Talk with Maddie

podcast Jan 12, 2023

Today we have our very first guest on the podcast, and who better than my daughter, Jordan's sister, Madison?  

Maddie and I talk about her experience growing up with a brother with autism and a single mom.

It is a candid and open conversation and she shares her perspective on what it was like and the differences she sees now as a young adult.  

  • What was the most difficult part for you growing up with a brother on the spectrum?
  • Do you remember me explaining Jordan's autism to you at various times to help you understand?
  • Did you ever feel like you were missing out on anything because of Jordan?
  • Were there any times that you can remember when he did something that embarrassed you?
  • Are there any things that you worry about as Jordan get's older?  
  • How do you see that your relationship has changed as you are both young adults now?  

I believe that Madison growing up with an autistic brother gave her compassion and understanding at a very young age.  She is the least judgmental person I know and I think much of that comes from having a brother that was different.  

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