90. The Many Negative Impacts of Yelling

podcast Jun 09, 2022

In this episode, I am talking about those moments when you have had it and you are simply at what feels like the end of your rope and why staying calm in those moments will pay off in the end.  
I know that every one of us knows intellectually that in the moments of chaos, staying calm is the answer, but it’s not always easy to execute and at that moment we find it hard to do the right thing. While yelling may seem effective in the moment, it won’t change their behavior long term. Their behaviors are often confusing to us, we don’t understand why they act a certain way or melt down for no apparent reason and that is why it is so important that you continue to try to learn and get a better understanding of your child or your children along this journey. Learning why they react the way they do will ultimately help you to help them.
It is also important to recognize when you are about to lose control so you can remove yourself from the situation. Take a break and breathe.
When you work on being focused on your own emotions and your reactions in difficult situations when you remember to take a deep breath, to be calm and assertive when dealing with a frustrating situation you will begin to see a difference. You will begin to see that when they are out of control and you remain in control you will be dealing with the situation in a much more positive way and above all, you will feel a lot less stressed out in those moments.
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