179. Stress-Free Strategies; Mastering the Seven Stressors

podcast Apr 11, 2024

In Episode 179 of the Not Your Average Autism Mom Podcast, host Shannon Urquiola dives into the world of understanding and addressing stressors
for children on the autism spectrum.

Shannon breaks down the seven common stressors faced by these children, including sensory challenges, level of interest, uncertainty, degree of control, performance demands, social demands, and length of time. She explores real-life scenarios where these stressors
might show up and provide practical examples and strategies to support our children proactively.

Listeners learn how to recognize and lessen sensory overload, navigate uncertainties, provide their children with a sense of control, and ease social and performance-related stressors. Shannon emphasizes the importance of understanding and accommodating these stressors to set our children up for success in various environments.

When you can assess the stressors and plan appropriate accommodations, you can help your children navigate challenges with confidence and resilience.

For Not Your Average Autism Mom members, there is a 7-Stressors Worksheet for you to download in the portal in the Behavior Support section that will help you figure out potential stressors in different situations and plan appropriate accommodations.

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