73. Let's Clear up the Confusion about Category of Eligibility

podcast Feb 10, 2022

Just because your child has a medical diagnosis of autism DOES NOT mean that they will qualify for Special Education services under the eligibility category of autism. When your child is being evaluated in the educational setting, they are using the LAW of IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act to determine Special Education eligibility.

Special Education services are not solely based on academics and learning.  Your child will receive services and accommodations based on their individual need if they qualify for services.  The US Department of Education actually issued a letter in August 2016 that addressed the school district's requirement to consider and provide behavioral supports through the IEP process.  Click the link below for a pdf of that letter.

Many parents don’t realize how much power they hold in their child’s education when they qualify for an IEP. The IEP is a legally binding document that schools must follow what is written in the IEP.

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