178. PDA Realities; Decoding Your Child's Behavior

podcast Apr 04, 2024

In episode 178 of the Not Your Average Autism Mom podcast, host Shannon Urquiola dives into the complexities of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) within the autism spectrum.  Shannon emphasizes why a specific PDA diagnosis isn't always paramount when autism is already in the picture. She walks listeners through common scenarios, parents, may encounter, offering practical strategies for navigating the challenges associated with severe avoidance and anxiety. 

The episode explores the fear of uncertainty, unexpected events, and the need for control that often characterizes the behavior of children with PDA or intense anxiety within autism. Shannon provides real-life examples to illustrate these concepts, helping parents relate to the daily struggles they might face. She dives into the importance of understanding and respecting a child's comfort zone, regardless of the diagnostic label, and highlights the significance of collaboration over control.

Throughout the episode, Shannon provides specific strategies for parents, emphasizing the importance of predictability, consistency, and reducing external pressure. She addresses the performance anxiety and social challenges these children may encounter, offering valuable insights into building trust and minimizing meltdowns.

In the end, the episode encourages parents to focus on the unique needs of their children, emphasizing collaboration, understanding, and support. Whether dealing with PDA or severe anxiety within autism, this episode serves as a guide for parents navigating the intricate world of their extraordinary children.

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