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172. Spectrum Spotlight; Dignity and Self-Awareness

podcast Feb 22, 2024

In Episode 172 of the Not Your Average Autism Mom Podcast, host Shannon Urquiola talks about the challenges faced by individuals with autism on the journey to self-actualization.

Inspired by her son Jordan, she explores the delicate balance of fitting in while ensuring our loved ones receive the dignity they deserve.

In a world that may perceive them differently, finding this balance is necessary. The struggles, from clothing mishaps to social norms, highlight the unique lens through which individuals with autism experience the world.

As parents, we advocate for embracing diversity while equipping our children with the tools to navigate the world successfully.

A plea goes out to educators, caregivers, and administrators to treat our children with the same care and respect they would afford their own. Collaboration is key, and concerned parents are encouraged to speak up in IEP meetings, seeking support from their teams.

Mindblindness adds complexity to the challenge, emphasizing the importance of respect and fostering self-awareness. The spotlight extends beyond visible struggles to include all children, deserving acceptance and understanding in every environment.

The episode concludes with a reminder that self-awareness is a journey for both parents and children. Reflecting on love, joy, anxieties, fears, passions, and priorities is a vital step in understanding.

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Remember, it's not just about fitting into a neurotypical world; it's about empowering our children to coexist with authenticity.

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