148. Shifting Perspective; Looking Through A Different Lens

podcast Aug 31, 2023

It's remarkable how our journey evolves over time.  Every moment you're navigating, every lesson you're learning, it's all building a foundation of skills and resilience that you'll carry forward as your child grows. With each new challenge, you'll be able to lean on the expertise you're cultivating right now. 

Even though Jordan is older now, I vividly recall those early years that taught me skills that I still use, even now. With each year that passes, you'll grow more confident, tapping into the wisdom you've accumulated. Whether you're facing the uncertainties of age 3 or navigating the complexities of the teenage years, the experience you're gaining today will be your guiding light for what’s to come.

You know, being the parent of a child with autism is a role that requires an immense amount of strength, patience, and understanding. I firmly believe that we, as parents, are the ultimate resources for our children. It's our ability to ride the waves of challenges, to take care of ourselves, and to be resourceful that truly serves both us and our children.

And more importantly, your ability to weather the storm, to prioritize self-care, and to tap into your resilience, it's not just for you. It's the foundation for supporting your child. I truly believe that our collective strength and mutual support are game-changers in shaping our children's lives.

Have you ever noticed how, once you're deeply involved in the world of autism, it can feel like you're seeing autism everywhere?

All of a sudden, you've got these glasses on, you might have heard them referred to as “autism-colored glasses” and it's like the world is illuminated by autism traits.  

It's like a new perspective opens up, and you begin attributing behaviors to autism even in people you've known for years.

You've known people for years, but now, with this new perspective, you're questioning if their quirks might be related to autism.  There isn’t a family member that is exempt from this personal evaluation.  AND Let me say this – autism-colored glasses aren't necessarily a bad thing.

Our autism-colored glasses sometimes can lead to increased anxiety and misguided actions. This happens when we attribute all behaviors, even unrelated ones, to autism, which can inadvertently create unnecessary stress for us and our children.  

When you attribute every behavior to autism, you might miss the bigger picture and end up feeling more stressed and anxious.

Sometimes if you start relating all your child's feelings and behaviors to their autism, that mindset can lead you to believe there's something to fix, that every behavior tied to autism is a problem and that simply isn’t true.

Comparing our child's progress with neurotypical children can be disheartening. Each child's journey is their own. For us, even small achievements are significant. Our children and adults on the spectrum have a wide range of abilities and levels of independence. Some might require more support than others.

By understanding, respecting, and supporting parents like us, you can contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world for all individuals, regardless of their differences.

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