132. The Dreaded "P" Word

podcast Apr 13, 2023

This is a topic that many parents avoid like the plague but listen, it is important and especially for our children who are easily influenced, and to be honest, they can be very vulnerable. The truth is that many of us can’t imagine our child going thru puberty since maybe their chronological age isn’t aligned with their cognitive age or abilities.

All children go through puberty regardless of their abilities or IQ. Puberty is a normal milestone in development. It is a complex process that involves physical, emotional, and social changes that may vary among different individuals.  

Our kids likely will experience puberty differently compared to neurotypical children and that is because of the differences in their sensory processing, social communication, and executive functioning skills.

You really want to prepare them for puberty by starting to talk to them about the changes they may experience before they start experiencing them.  For most kids, but our kids on the spectrum especially, if they don’t know in advance, they might get scared, they might think that something is wrong with them and they could withdraw and be too scared to tell you what is happening. 

It is important for you as parents and caregivers to be prepared to provide extra support when they need it throughout this process

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