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131. The Unpleasantries of Transitions

podcast Apr 06, 2023

Transitions refer to changes that occur in a child's routine or environment, such as moving from one activity to another, changing locations, or starting a new school year. Transitions can be challenging for many children, but they can be especially difficult for autistic children.

There are many reasons for this that I talk about in this episode. -Executive functioning -Difficulty with flexibility -Sensory processing issues -Communication challenges -Anxiety

There are several types of transitions where autistic individuals may struggle. Changes in routine, switching from one task to another, changes in their environment or location, and new social situations.

Social settings have always been challenging for Jordan, particularly if he is expected to interact with unfamiliar people or navigate social rules.

Transitions can be challenging for autistic children due to their difficulty with flexibility, sensory processing, and communication challenges.

So what can you do to help them be more successful?

Come along with me as I share some strategies you can try in this episode.

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