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125. Increase Positive Social Interactions Teaching Problem Solving

podcast Feb 23, 2023

Our kids often have difficulty navigating social situations, yet, this skill is necessary for all aspects of social interactions, and maintaining relationships so then it is up to us, to you, to their team to help them build these skills.  

Much of the problem is that they miss the non-verbal social cues like body language and facial expressions and then add to that, their inability to understand why they don’t fit can lead to them becoming frustrated just trying.

When it comes to socialization, our kids might have a language delay and they don’t respond to social cues and usually struggle with understanding social circumstances which can be frustrating for them.

There are so many just basic day-to-day things where you could practice this and they wouldn’t even know you are actually teaching them. You want to do it across settings and at different times during the day. The goal is for them to work toward independently figuring out their solution but it will take lots and lots of time and practice. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

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