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99. Collaboration for Success in the Classroom

podcast Aug 11, 2022

This time of year isn't easy for many of us as our children transition from summer to back to school.  Just that word transition makes us a little uneasy so just imagine how our kids feel.  

The school environment can present so many challenges for our students with autism and that in itself can create challenges with their learning not to mention that if their classroom environment isn’t set up for their unique needs, it can be a huge disadvantage for them.

It is your child’s IEP Team’s responsibility to make sure that their classroom is equipped to support them in that learning environment and remember, you are a very important part of that team.  

In this episode, I give you specific things to consider that might be beneficial for your child in the school environment.  We have to be willing to think outside of the box and consider things that maybe have never been tried before.  We have to be willing to try to be successful, for our children to be successful.  Much of this journey is learning along the way through trial and error.  

Which learning style best describes your child?  Use their strengths to ensure the way their curriculum is being delivered meets their needs and doesn't hinder their ability to learn but instead enhances it.  

Each of our children’s unique needs provides teachers an opportunity to observe their classroom and figure out which accommodations are beneficial and which aren’t as they navigate the process of providing support for all of their students.

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