98. Chaos Happens. It is Part of the Journey for Most of Us.

podcast Aug 04, 2022

Why it is important that we embrace the chaos along this journey? There are going to be times that are unpredictable and full of uncertainty, there just are.  When we accept that this is our life and we are navigating it the best we know how with what we know at the moment, it becomes way easier to live in it.  There are things that we must let go of in order for this to happen.  

You cannot control how your child acts or reacts and you can't control the meltdowns, but what you can control is you.  You can control how you show up in any situation and the way you decide to show up can make the situation either better or worse.  

When you choose to just embrace and accept your life as it is and move forward without worrying about judgment from others, you will ultimately find yourself happier and more at peace with your life.

The chaos will change as your child grows. There is often verbal stimming, you know those noises that go on and on and on, or pacing back and forth, back and forth, or what about a meltdown in the grocery store, or biting or hitting another child in school and some of our children may even become violent and destructive.

So many of our children’s behavioral challenges are escalated by the way we are interacting with them which is why learning to manage your own mind and realizing that you are in control of YOU matters.

For many of our children, mine included, their thinking is very rigid and inflexible, very black and white, and definitely no gray area. When things don’t go as they expect, they panic and go into a meltdown. Their ability to control their emotions is just not developed and they don’t have the ability to manage them.

You cannot predict the future. Uncertainty about how things will go in any situation is usually an unknown for us, right? 

There are things that you can do to help your child if there is a possibility of chaos and I share strategies you can use in this episode.

You don’t know what real strength you have unless you are put in a situation that forces you to bring it out. Raising a child or children with autism will show you the depth of your strength.

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