91. Exploring Tic Disorder and Tourette Syndrome

podcast Jun 16, 2022

Tourette Syndrome is a condition of the nervous system.  It is a neurological disorder that involves often sudden and repetitive movements, twitches, or unwanted sounds (tics) that cannot be easily controlled.

Statistics show that around one in five children with Tourette Syndrome also meets the criteria for Autism. All the research that I have done, says that it is unlikely that so many children have both disorders but instead, Tourette’s symptoms often mimic or seem quite similar to those of autism.

No one knows exactly what causes tics to occur and they often change in type and intensity. You will usually notice that they might increase in times of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, stress, AND sleep deprivation.  They can also change over time and appear, disappear and reappear, they are considered chronic.

Screen time on electronic devices increases dopamine and tics are dopamine-related so if your child is using electronics in excess and experiencing tics, whether they are vocal or motor, I really would like to encourage you to evaluate their screen time and consider lessening their daily time.  

If your child’s tics are negatively impacting their education in the educational setting, we recommend that you request a meeting to discuss the possibilities of a 504 plan or an IEP to give them the necessary accommodations or services to help them.

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Additional Resources:

You can contact the Tourette Association at or by calling 888-4TOURET.

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