88. Social Awkwardness

podcast May 26, 2022

Most of our children diagnosed with autism, share this commonality of having social awkwardness, right?  Think about this, we use social skills to some extent every single day of our lives which means that our children will need help in learning and developing these skills if our goal is for them to become independent adults.

They need help understanding how to act and engage in different social settings.  It doesn't come naturally to them.

In this episode, I am giving you ideas and suggestions on social skills groups as well as those community opportunities to have them participate in recreational activities.  

I am also discussing the importance of you embracing the teaching opportunities that you have throughout your daily lives.  

There is also the component of you being able to manage your thoughts and emotions and are you willing to be understanding and accept the fact that your child may not be able to do what the other children can?  

No one's involvement in their growth and development is more important than yours.  What are you willing to do to ensure that they continue to build the skills they need that will lead to their independence?  

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