86. Understanding Commonalities of Dyspraxia and Autism

podcast May 12, 2022

There are many similarities between autism and dyspraxia and for that reason, there are sometimes challenges in diagnosing one over the other or both. Both disorders present very similarly and in some instances, they can occur side by side.

Some of the signs of both disorders are seen in early development, those things would include delays in sitting up, crawling, and walking as well as potty training.  Individuals with dyspraxia have difficulty articulating themselves and their brain processes the information that they want to say at a slower rate.

Dyspraxia is known as a developmental coordination disorder and you might have also heard it referred to in the past as the “clumsy child syndrome”.

Dyspraxia like autism will show up differently in each child from more severe challenges to lesser ones and no two people will struggle with the same symptoms.  Diagnoses of both dyspraxia and autism spectrum disorders should be made only by qualified professionals.  

Early intervention is critical and what is important is that your child gets the therapy they need that focuses on the difficulties they are having right now. 

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