85. Understanding Pragmatic Language

podcast May 05, 2022

Pragmatic language by definition is the social skills that we use in our daily interactions with others. This includes conversation skills, the use of non-verbal communication skills, understanding non-literal language, and interpreting and expressing emotions.

Does your child have a difficult time interacting with others? Do they have a hard time starting a conversation or engaging in back and forth conversation? Do they struggle with reading body language or understanding personal space? If so, then I am hopeful that this episode will be helpful.

Whether your child is verbal or not, while the difficulties they face are different, there are still some communication challenges that our non-verbal kiddos have when it comes to pragmatic language. We know that just because a child is considered non-verbal, that does not mean that they don't learn to communicate.

Think about how many unwritten rules our society has that influence our behavior? These are the exact things that make our children’s world so confusing because they don’t just “get it”.

So many opportunities throughout our day are speech opportunities even the smallest tasks. Ask questions, and have them elaborate on things that they say.

It is so important that we focus on bridging the gap in pragmatic language deficits for our children, it can make a huge difference in the way they are able to interact and navigate their world.

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