84. Helping them find their way in Relationships & Dating

podcast Apr 28, 2022

In today's episode I am talking about traveling into the uncharted territory we face when our kids become interested in dating and romantic relationships. This time calls for some BIG conversations, so come on, join me as I dive in.  

Our teenagers develop sexually in the same way as other teens but they have to build the skill-set to navigate it. Like so many other things, it doesn’t come naturally to them.

Studies tell us that people with autism often experience feelings and emotions stronger than those without autism, yet, they are often misunderstood because they don’t exhibit them in the same way neurotypical people do.

When they or someone they are with says NO what does that mean? They need to understand boundaries and respect the other person's boundaries.

What are the qualities that a boyfriend or a girlfriend would like?  Also, talk about what they would like in a boyfriend or girlfriend? What qualities are important to them? What do they think is important in a relationship and why?

They might ask questions, are you prepared?  You should be.  

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