69. Searching for Answers in our Autism Parenting World

podcast Jan 13, 2022

I remember 20 years ago when Jordan was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and how many questions I had.  Questions about what it all meant? Questions about what I was supposed to do? Was it curable or treatable? Like a disease? I honestly had no clue what getting a diagnosis meant for not only him but for our family.  

At the time, I didn’t know anyone who had a child with autism, and listen I was in my early 30’s so as you can imagine, I felt totally lost. I learned that autism is not a disease, it is a complex disorder and no two people would experience autism in the same way which in turn means that no two parents would be parenting the same way so I really had no one to turn to. I went to work determined to figure it out.

if you know a physician who is diagnosing autism or if you know a therapist or specialist who works with families whose lives are impacted by autism who would like some of our brochures to share with their moms, please let us know. 

You can reach us directly at [email protected] and we would be happy to get a business information packet in the mail to them so they can learn more about the services that we provide.