52. Strategies for Academic Success

podcast Sep 02, 2021

Special education teachers are often tasked with unparalleled challenges over mainstream teachers because rather than developing one single lesson plan, they are having to develop unique plans for every student that aligns with each of their student’s IEP’s. When you think about special education we are often talking about a vast range of different ages, interests, and abilities.

Teaching our kids whether in the classroom or at home presents challenges without a doubt but providing them support undoubtedly enhances their learning potential.

In this episode, I am talking about some of the struggles that our kids deal with and ways that their school team, classroom teacher, or if you are one of our homeschool moms may find beneficial in working through some of the challenges that working with our children can pose.

Being an effective teacher requires many tools and strategies to help each student individually so you have to be flexible and what works one week, might have to change to work next week. It takes a lot of trial and error sometimes until you see something that clicks.

Computer-based programs tend to hold the interest of students with autism so check out all of the different platforms available and if your child is in school, share these programs with their teacher.