169. The Social Playbook; Teaching Children with Autism to "Think Socially"

podcast Feb 01, 2024

In this episode, Shannon explores the unique challenges our children on the spectrum face in understanding and navigating the social world.

The episode sheds light on the difficulty some children have in predicting how others think or feel. Shannon provides practical strategies for parents to help their children develop these
essential social skills.

The goal is to help our children build the skills necessary to actively engage in social interactions while predicting and adjusting their responses based on an understanding of the social setting.

The episode encourages parents to make the learning process enjoyable, turning it into a game and fostering a mindset of being a "social detective."

Shannon guides parents through things they can do to practice these skills, making the learning process enjoyable for both parents and children.

The episode encourages a fun approach to social learning, emphasizing the role of parents as detectives and social interpreters in their child's journey.

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