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166. Perseveration Puzzle; Helping Your Child Shift Gears

podcast Jan 11, 2024

In Episode 166 of the Not Your Average Autism Mom Podcast, host Shannon Urquiola delves into the common challenge of perseveration in children on the autism spectrum.

Perseveration, or getting stuck on a particular behavior, activity, or thought, can be a source of frustration for both parents and children.

Shannon explores the reasons behind this phenomenon, emphasizing the weak executive functions in the frontal cortex of the brain that often contribute to the difficulty in shifting focus.

Drawing from personal experiences and expert advice, the episode provides practical strategies for parents. From using warnings and visual timers to creating concrete endings and incorporating oneself into the child's activity, Shannon shares actionable tips for easing transitions.

The episode highlights the importance of understanding that perseveration is a neurological challenge, requiring gentle assistance rather than demanding an immediate stop.

Furthermore, Shannon addresses the emotional toll perseveration can take on parents and offers self-care strategies.

The episode closes with a message of support, reminding listeners that they are not alone in facing these challenges and encouraging a sense of community strength.

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