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159. Autism on the Go; Navigating Through Chaos

podcast Nov 16, 2023

We know for many families, the holidays and travel can be a source of joy, but for families like yours and mine it also presents unique challenges when you're raising a child on the autism spectrum.

Traveling during the holidays can be a sensory overload for our kids right? The unfamiliar environments, crowded airports, and even family gatherings can be overwhelming. I've experienced this firsthand, and I know many of you have too.

Our children on the spectrum usually thrive on routine and predictability. They offer a sense of safety, predictability, and structure. But when we travel during the holidays, these routines are often disrupted leading to heightened anxiety and negative behaviors.

So, how can we balance the need for routine with the necessity of adapting to a new environment?

Through this episode, your host, Shannon Urquiola answers that question and much more.

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