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137. Explaining our Children's Differences

podcast May 18, 2023

As a parent coach working exclusively with moms raising autistic children, I continue to see how challenging it can be to explain to other parents and other kids why your child acts and behaves differently. In this episode, I am sharing some ideas to hopefully help make it a little easier for you. 

Maybe it’s on the playground.  Maybe it’s at a local restaurant or maybe you are in the line at Target or your local grocery store and you see a child or parent staring, yes, we’ve all been there and while that moment becomes what you make it, I say this is the perfect time to spread autism awareness. 

Explaining autism to your child’s peers and their parents and just onlookers when you are out and about in your own communities is an essential step in creating a more inclusive and accepting world for individuals on the spectrum. 

By fostering understanding and providing education to help those who don’t know, we can bridge the understanding gap and build a supportive network for our children.

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