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110. Have you ever Secretly Hated Autism?

podcast Oct 27, 2022

Being Not Your Average Autism Mom means we embrace our lives as they are right now. Whatever that looks like for each of us, we accept that this is our life.
What about you? Do you embrace your life as it is? Even in the chaotic and uncertain times or do you find yourself still wishing and hoping and dreaming it was different?
So the question is when you should accept what is?
If you are putting all of your energy into focusing on wishing that something or someone was different when you can’t change it, you are wasting your time and energy.
Here is what you should be doing…. Ask this question…
When you accept the reality, the truth of what is, then what is possible?
As a society, we have to realize that our internal anger will never change things. We think that our frustration or resentment or anger is actually doing something, but here is the truth, the situation or the other person has NO IDEA of what you are internalizing, so the truth is, you are causing your own pain.
When you are angry about something, whether that is that your child is autistic and life isn’t as you expected it to be or maybe it’s how someone treated you or something that happened in the past, you just carry it around with you. No one else is carrying it, just you.
Wanting reality to be different is hopeless.
I don’t think it is a question of when you should accept reality and when you shouldn’t. I believe we should always accept what is without emotionally resisting it.
The truth is that when you think something shouldn’t have happened, it is not true, because it did and no amount of thinking you do can change it.
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