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108. How Life was Supposed to Go

podcast Oct 13, 2022

Is this how you imagined parenthood to be?  Of course not, it isn’t how any of us imagined parenthood to be.  None of us planned for this journey, yet here we are.  When you constantly remind yourself that this wasn’t how you imagined parenthood to be you are creating your own suffering.

And here’s the thing… the reason for your suffering is that you think you know how life is supposed to go.  Being a parent to a child with autism is not how life was supposed to go, right?  That wasn't the story that you had created.  

When you drop the how it was supposed to go narrative and move into the this is how it is, you will create less resistance for yourself.

I believe the truth is that none of us really know how our life is supposed to go. None of it is certain and we are kidding ourselves when we tell ourselves that it should have gone some way other than the way it went.

Shifting your mindset will make a difference and you won't be resisting reality and that is the secret to finding peace in your story.