107. Where You Get Information Does Matter

podcast Oct 06, 2022

Misinformation across social media platforms is becoming increasingly prevalent.  I see countless posts with comments from numerous people who aren't experts in the specific area of the question.  When you look to social media as a source of information it can be harmful because it creates misunderstandings and confusion on important topics that can impact your child's future.  

In this episode, there is a bit of storytelling and sharing with you what I continue to learn as a consumer of social media that may be insightful to you.  I talk about how everything you do along this parenting journey is a learning experience and as soon as you think you have something figured out, another thing comes up.  

In an ideal world when we are presented with new information that contradicts our current beliefs we would evaluate the facts and adapt our views accordingly but that is not how things are in the real world.  

For many people, a challenge to their beliefs feels like an attack on their personal identity, and when someone suggests that their beliefs are wrong, they feel threatened.   This causes unnecessary back-and-forth conversations on the internet.  What a waste of your time and energy.  

Our brains are trained to seek out information that supports our existing belief system.  We search for and tend to remember things that go along with what we already know and understand.  

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