105. When Your Child Reads Early

podcast Sep 22, 2022

Hyperlexia is a term that refers to children who begin to read and decode language and numbers at a very young age or when a child can read at levels far beyond what is expected at their age.  Typically, a child with hyperlexia will have communication or speaking skills that are below their age level.

There are actually three levels of hyperlexia, hyperlexia l, hyperlexia ll, and hyperlexia lll. There is no specific test to diagnose it and it is generally identified based on what symptoms and changes a child demonstrate over time.

Hyperlexia is not clearly defined in the DSM-5 although the DSM-5 lists it as a component of Autism. It also co-exists with other disorders like specific language disorders, ADHD, Childhood apraxia of speech, OCD, and Sensory Integration Disorder.

The downside to a child with hyperlexia is that they may be decoding, sounding out words, and even reading, yet they do not understand and are not comprehending what they are reading.

Join me in this episode as I go through what to look for as well as options for interventions that may be beneficial.   

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