103. The Never-Ending Questions on Repeat

podcast Sep 08, 2022

When our children are asking the same question over and over, it can be frustrating and it is important to try to figure out the reason for their questions. As with any behavior, it can be very helpful if you play detective and try to determine what has prompted the repetitive question.

Because many of our children engage in repetitive behavior or echolalia, this repetition of questions may have the same appeal to them, asking the same question and getting the same answer every time so you want to be mindful of this.

It could be their coping strategy when they feel uncertain or stressed in a certain situation, or if they use echolalia, they might be asking a question based on what they think is appropriate in a certain situation.

In this episode, I will give you some strategies that you can use to both lessen and re-direct the questions when necessary.

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