Navigating Motherhood with Unshakeable Faith

In the rollercoaster ride of motherhood, there are moments when we're confronted with the whispers of gossip, the sting of unkind words spoken behind our backs, and we may encounter situations that test our resilience.

It's a scenario many of us have faced, myself included. A friend once offered to share what another mom had said about me, but I politely declined.

And you know what? It didn't matter. It didn’t matter then, and it still doesn't.

Gossip can be an alluring yet dangerous temptation. It's not uncommon for us to be curious about what others think of us, especially when it involves other moms within our social circles. However, the world of gossip can lead to unnecessary drama, hurt feelings, and strained relationships.

Instead of succumbing to the allure of gossip, I decided to take a different path — one that aligns with the values I hold close. We must recognize that everyone has their unique parenting journey, and judgments from others should not define our worth as mothers.

In the realm of parenting, particularly for us parenting children on the spectrum, it's easy to be affected by the opinions of others. However, I want to encourage you to cultivate graceful detachment, understanding that human judgments are short-lived and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

It has taken me years to grasp the profound truth that the only opinion that truly matters is God's. When faced with criticism or doubt, turning to His word provides comfort and strength. For me, Philippians 4:13 reinforces that strength, stating that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Each of us is different, with our own set of dilemmas, accomplishments, and set of circumstances. Embracing this diversity not only fosters a supportive community but also allows us to grow as individuals.

At Not Your Average Autism Mom, our mission is to create a community that uplifts and supports each other through the ups and downs of this parenting journey we didn’t anticipate.

Gossip has no place in fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

Let's focus on building connections, sharing experiences, and offering encouragement, rather than tearing down with the weight of unnecessary judgments.

When you come up against a situation that instills fear, remember that God is by your side through every step and will not abandon you on your journey.

This was written by Shannon Urquiola at Not Your Average Autism Mom
Thank you for being part of our journey.

Shannon shares her lived experiences in hopes of creating a more inclusive world for our children and adults on the spectrum. 

Our mission is to equip families with resources, training, coaching, and community support. We believe if you are willing to expose yourself, your child, and your family to the world with kindness and honesty that compassion and understanding will follow.

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