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Sunday, April 21st at 8:30 pm (EST)

Finding Strength and Resilience in Autism Parenting.

Learn to Change the Narrative.

This is a LIVE Webinar (not pre-recorded)

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Whether you are just beginning your autism parenting journey or you are well on your way...

  • Learn to navigate the challenges and accept what is
  • Stop the constant worry about your child's future and all the "what ifs"¬†
  • Stop doubting your parenting and instead, have confidence in yourself
  • Learn¬†the¬†importance of understanding¬†the difference between boundaries and control
  • Feel capable of handling anything that comes your way
  • Embrace your life, just as it is right now¬†
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This WEBINAR is for you if any of these sound familiar...

Do you find yourself stuck wishing, hoping, and dreaming life was different? I get it.  I was there too.

You're scared, and I know because I was scared too.  You worry about the future and about who will take care of them when you're no longer here.  This wasn't what you expected motherhood to be, and that is okay. You're not alone.

I want you to stop beating yourself up because you "shouldn't think that".  None of us planned for this autism parenting journey but you are not broken, and your family is not damaged. I will never tell you it's easy, but I will tell you it can be easier.  

What you say to yourself matters.  What you tell other people matters.  What you think matters.  Change that and just like mine did, your life will feel easier.  

Do you feel guilty for how you feel or do you blame yourself, wondering if there's something you could have or should be doing differently? It feels like too much.

This webinar is about finding hope and inspiration in the midst of your challenges.  It's not about cleaning up the mess, it's about learning to thrive in it. 

You'll leave feeling uplifted and encouraged, knowing that you're not alone and there is a path forward to greater understanding and finding happiness and joy again. 

Have you become your last priority? Do you worry that you can't do it? That you won't be able to sustain what it will take to care for your child?  Caregiver burnout is a real thing.

Have you stopped taking care of yourself because you are so focused on your child and the needs of your family?  If you don't take care of yourself, you can't be the parent you need to be.  Stop doubting your parenting and learn to believe in yourself without worrying about judgment from others.  You are stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for.

A Note From Shannon...

As a coach and mentor, I am looking in my review mirror at where you are today.  I know all too well the worry and uncertainty that comes along with raising an autistic child.  I spent years feeling like I was failing.  I had many days when I really didn't think I was cut out for this and questioned how I would do it again tomorrow, yet, here I am. 

I asked God, over and over again, "why me?".

My son Jordan was diagnosed with autism over 20 years ago and that was the day that my life changed forever.  I went through years of feeling lost and confused and had no one to turn to who understood what it was like having an autistic child. I wanted someone who had gone before me to tell me it was going to be okay and I didn't have that. 

In this webinar, I will teach you strategies to make your life feel easier and show you how moms who never thought they could are finding joy and happiness along this journey that they weren't sure was ever possible. 

AND you can too!

Finding Strength and Resilience in Autism Parenting. Learn to Change the Narrative.

I know you want understanding without explanation and acknowledgment without judgment. I know because I wanted those things too. And I know you want to have HOPE and optimism about your child's future. In this webinar you will learn coping strategies to manage the stress and anxiety that are along for the ride.









Caring for a child on the spectrum is different

I want every mom raising an autistic child to have the ability to navigate this autism parenting journey without losing your mind, your confidence and above all, your belief in yourself!

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