Parenting an Autistic Child When They're Big

Parenting an autistic child when they’re big.  It’s different and yet so many similarities 
This is my son Jordan. He is 27 and autistic.
It’s such a fine line of allowing independence yet he is still oblivious to many of the social norms and expectations of being in public places. 
He’s a big guy, he talks loud, he moves awkwardly and people LOOK at us everywhere we go. 👀
They see him and then they look for who he belongs to and they find me.
I wonder what they’re thinking 
In the early days of autism, I used to get angry when people stared at us but I don’t anymore.
I want us to educate people about autism.
I realize now that if people’s lives haven’t been impacted by autism they don’t understand.
I get it, I wouldn’t have understood.
What I don’t want is for them to feel sorry for us.
While it’s true, that we are not a typical family and we may never be empty nesters this IS our normal & we are grateful and HAPPY.  Take a minute and share a smile with us knowing that we’re doing the best we can. It isn’t always easy but he’s doing his best and that is enough!
Today Jordan and I had a great day together.
We ventured out to a small town not far from us, McCaysville GA
Just the two of us. 💙
I love witnessing the incredible progress he continues to make navigating a world not designed with him in mind.
This was written by Shannon Urquiola at Not Your Average Autism Mom.
Thank you for being part of our journey.

Shannon shares her lived experiences in hopes of creating a more inclusive world for our children and adults on the spectrum. 

Our mission is to equip families with resources, training, coaching, and community support. We believe if you are willing to expose yourself, your child, and your family to the world with kindness and honesty that compassion and understanding will follow.

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