5 Ways to Understand and get Through an Autism Meltdown

Proven strategies designed with you in mind that will make getting through a Meltdown easier each and every time.


Here’s What’s Inside…

  • The WHY behind the behaviors and Autism Meltdowns
  • 5 simple methods you can put into practice to start seeing results right away
  • Learn WHY a Meltdown is NOT a Tantrum 
  • The important things for you to do to make it easier for both of you
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"If you are a mom of a child with Autism, Shannon will be an incredible source of life changing support! She has been an endless source of strength and JOY through some very difficult times. It is just who she is""

Katy Bush

A Note from Shannon...

I don't want you to feel like it is your parenting, trust me, that is not it.  I want to help you understand it and be able to give yourself grace to get through it. Meltdowns have been a BIG struggle for me with my son Jordan and while I learned a lot, I learned much of it too late.  My goal is to help you learn and understand it earlier in your journey than I did so that yours is easier than mine was.  90% of the families I worked with over the last 10 years struggle with behaviors in their home, so if that is you, we are here for you - Shannon

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