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Our membership is built on (3) pillars designed to support you every step of the way on this parenting journey you weren't prepared for.


Emotional support for your own well-being.  We know the feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and failure and will help guide you to becoming the mom who is equipped to handle the added responsibilities that come along with raising a child on the spectrum.

Stop doubting your parenting abilities. You'll strengthen your emotional resilience, learn to choose acceptance every day, and find confidence and joy amidst the chaos.  

 Special Education

If your child is going to require additional support along their educational path, knowledge and understanding of Special Education isn't optional, it's necessary to set them up for success.

Learn what to prioritize in your child's learning and development.  We are experts in Special Education.  We'll equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate the complexities of Special Education ensuring your child receives the support they deserve. 


This is where the magic happens!  A VILLAGE of other moms who understand.  We "get it" and more importantly, we normalize this journey.  It is the collective wisdom of these INCREDIBLE women sharing their personal stories that we learn from successes and failures.  We celebrate our children's milestones that the outside world doesn't understand. 

No more feeling alone! We live it every day, just like you.  This is your VILLAGE! 

Become part of our VILLAGE of AMAZING women all raising children on the spectrum!