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Becoming Not Your Average Autism Mom will Change Your Life

Being a mom to a child with autism doesn’t mean that you are isolated and have no one to turn to. We won’t judge you; we are here to support you even on your difficult days.  We will help you navigate your challenges and implement necessary changes with confidence and find clarity in your parenting.

Our Not Your Average Autism Mom Community is where the magic happens! 

You will stop "hating autism".  You will learn you are in control of how you act and react.  Creating relationships with other moms who truly understand what it is like to raise a child with autism.  Sharing our success stories, tips, and strategies along the way.

This is your place!  We are just like you.

Here is what our Members say about being a member

  • I love that I am learning what IS possible
  • I love that it is PRIVATE.  I am a very private person and this Sisterhood is the only place I share myself authentically
  • I love that I am inspired by these amazing women and learning from them
  • Everything I do is focused on my child.  I love that this membership is more for me and helps me understand myself better
  • I love that I can be as involved or un-involved as I choose each week and I am never behind.  It is in the portal when I need it
  • I love the educational training and resources available.  I was so lost in my son's education until I joined. I have learned so much
  • The Coffee TALK Q & A's and the monthly Happy Hour, where we connect, as moms and strong women, that is just one thing I love, there are so many
  • I love the ASK COACHES feature because I know the coaches are always there when I need them  

Currently Closed for NEW Members


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Premium Help without the Premium Cost

Becoming Not Your Average Autism Mom is not just training, coaching, and community IT IS an identity!  Being part of a community that understands, and normalizes this parenting journey, you no longer find yourself feeling alone and lost anymore.  There is just something special that happens when you share something in the Sisterhood and you hear, "me too".  

Don't pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to work with a coach or therapist who has no experience living with and raising a child with autism.  I have that experience. I am a Master Certified Parent Coach and I have worked with hundreds of moms just like you.  I have used what I teach you to significantly improve my life and working together, you can get the same results. 

Raising an autistic child often creates a complicated dynamic with everyone you share your life with and I will help you understand and navigate those relationships better than you ever have.  When you utilize the coaching and resources available to you and put them into practice, you will find more satisfaction in your parenting and be amazed at how much better your life will be.  

It is essential that you don't lose YOU along this journey.  

We are all traveling this journey together and here to encourage, celebrate & support each other.  

Learn New Approaches to Parenting

Traditional parenting approaches don’t work for our kids.  The stress that living with autism can create is real and we will help guide you through the obstacles and down a path resulting in a more calm and peaceful home.

Connect with Other Moms

This is where the magic happens.  A community of moms all raising a child or children with autism and supporting each other along the way.  No more feeling alone.  We are better together & we are FAMILY even though we are worlds apart!

Navigate Each Step with Grace

Get the training and coaching you need to get out of overwhelm and start showing up better as a mom. Learn to take care of yourself without sacrificing the needs of your child or family. Be encouraged and supported every step of the way.

Our Members share their experiences:

Currently Closed for NEW Members


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